What jeans to wear to look fashionable?

Jeans – a universal element of the wardrobe, which is in the closet, perhaps, every modern person. We go to work in jeans, for a walk, for parties, we repair them … Even the first faces of states, tired of strict business suits, happily wear jeans for informal meetings.


It is because of its versatility that jeans have gained immense popularity with both the fashionable dandies and those people for whom the main factor in choosing clothes is comfort and convenience. Jeans can be easily combined with other clothes and accessories, making up a daily or special image. At the same time, the owners of different, even the most non-standard figures will be able to find a style for themselves that will suit them flawlessly.

The question with what to wear jeans in everyday life, is solved simply enough: convenient and practical jeans in themselves are ideal for shopping, walking with friends and other informal exits from home. In this case, jeans can be combined with tops and T-shirts of all colors and styles, if only you were comfortable with them and they would match your mood. The style and color of the jeans are also chosen for convenience reasons. In everyday ensembles, you can afford any experiments and ways of self-expression.


The situation with the choice of clothes for going to work is somewhat more complicated. From what to wear jeans to work, to the office – the traditional solution will be dark blue or black straight jeans that fit well with long fitted jackets. The latter make the silhouette more feminine, without going beyond decency. The waistcoat or jacket of the classic style will also meet the requirements of the “working look” and at the same time give you a more stylish and attractive look.

Jeans can also be worn for a date, but for this the ensemble should look romantic enough and more elegantly than casual clothing. A beautiful top or tunic will be the perfect companions of jeans for such a case. Preferred gentle, pastel scale for tops, because such colors correspond to a romantic mood and emphasize femininity. If you want to wear a tunic with a jeans, then avoid models assembling in the waist, which can give the figure an extra volume. But to make a silhouette more harmonious will help a combination of tunics with straight jeans.


For a club holiday, jeans will also be an excellent choice, especially if you can complement them with clothing that creates an original image. The choice of the latter depends only on your desire: club life implies the freedom of self-expression. Therefore, the choice of elements of the ensemble can be very diverse: wear a classic shirt or a bright T-shirt with jeans, an elegant blouse, leather or fur vest. Pay attention to the originality of the combination of jeans with knitted clothes. Such sets attract attention with the game of textures, give the image a peculiar charm.

Perfect jeans – what are they?
Stylists conditionally share the denim style for everyday, business and solemn. As we have already noted, you can wear jeans not only in the club or for a walk, but also for a business meeting or event. The same jeans clothes can look different – here the decisive factor will be selected for a particular case of shoes and accessories. Agree, very convenient: you can literally in three steps turn from an office worker into a party star!

How better to emphasize your figure with jeans and what to wear this wardrobe thing to look stylish and feel charming? If you want to catch on yourself the admiring looks of others, you need to follow some rules when buying jeans.

Perfectly selected jeans should sit on the figure and properly fit the hips. It is in the zone of the thighs that it is first of all noticeable whether this garment is properly selected or not. After all, even the most fashionable novelty is visually able to make slender legs complete, and, for example, scrapes can visually increase the hips.


Jeans with cuffs. Taming optical illusions
This model of jeans should be worn very carefully, because visually jeans with lapels make the legs shorter. To minimize this undesirable effect, we choose shoes, the color of which repeats the lapels of jeans, and does not contrast with them.
Properly selected shoes will extend the leg line and balance the cuff effect.

Classics of the genre – jeans-klosh
This is an unconditional trend, which will be popular both in this season and in the spring and summer of next year.

From the knee and from the hip, with a high and low fit, the crochet is popular with both young ladies and older ladies. He can try on both full and lean young ladies. Well, if you are a holder of high stature, then klesh – this is the ideal option for you.


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