The combination of colors in women’s clothing: the basic rules

Multifaceted and unrepeatable, with an unimaginable amount of shades and combinations. The combination of colors in green clothes.
Green is the color of nature itself. He is completely self-sufficient and harmonious. This is the color of wisdom and strength. Per person, green color has a soothing effect, it relieves tension and gives a feeling of comfort and coziness. In clothing, this color is preferred by people who are open and sociable, who think more than act.

The combination of colors in women's clothing3

Shades of green
Green color is obtained by mixing yellow and blue. The shade of the green depends on how much it is yellow and how much blue, whether there is a white color that brightens and makes the sound of the color softer and more tender.
Green-colored types green shades Salat – contains mainly yellow and a little blue, so it has many properties of yellow. This is a very bright and positive color, an excellent choice for the summer. Effective combination: bright green + black. → Light green in clothes.

Mint – in this shade also more yellow than blue + white. This color is light and light. Suitable for creating summer, romantic and feminine images. Combination: light and light colors (light pink, blue, soft yellow, etc.) → Mint color in clothes.

Herbal – in this shade of yellow slightly more than blue. It is bright enough, but quieter than bright green. Perfect combination: herbal + white.

Green is a classic green color in which yellow and blue are mixed in equal proportions. He is naturally peaceful and calm.

The combination of colors in women's clothing1

Olive is a green shade with a small amount of yellow and brown, which makes it look very harmonious. This shade has a lot of variation: from warm greenish-yellow to almost brown. It is considered one of the most universal shades in clothes, but combining it with other colors is not always easy. → Olive color in clothes.

Jade – very similar to the color of the sea wave, only it has more yellow, because of what this shade acquires a unique greenish glow. Cool shade looks great, striking in depth and beauty of color.

Emerald – in this shade the advantage is on the side of blue, it is more here. He is already more serious than all the previous and even calmer. This is a noble, refined and luxurious color that will be appropriate as part of the office dress – a black skirt or trousers and emerald blouse, and as an option for an evening gown. → Emerald in clothes.

Dark green – in this shade the advantage is behind the blue color, so it has basically its characteristics. He is serious enough and conservative, so it will be good for office style. Deep rich green is suitable for evening dress. → A combination of dark green in clothes.

With what colors the green is combined.

The combination of colors in women's clothing2
To begin with, I want to note that the combinations for green color can be divided into two categories:

The first is a universal combination that can be used for any shade of green (this is a combination with black and white);
The second – unique, each of the shades has its own characteristics and the same color can be well combined with one shade of green and not at all suitable for another. You can focus on a selection of photos below, where you will find combinations for almost all shades.

Green + White
The combination with white is classic for any color. In the case of green, this is one of the most versatile and juicy combinations. Ideal for the summer, it looks irresistible (regardless of the shade of green), very fresh and elegant. You can add a little bit of red in the form of accessories.

Green + Black
In this combination, the two colors perfectly harmonize with each other. Black calms and balances green, and green adds brightness and dilutes the monotony of black. If you add a bit of white to them, for example, green pants, a black blazer and a white top or blouse, you get a stylish and interesting set. The combination of black and green.

Green + Black & White
And now let’s unite in one complete set black things with white. The black and white tandem is beautiful in itself, and the green tandem will give it a special sound and mood.

If you use a green thing in a darker shade in this set, then the accent will be on the white thing, if the green thing is bright and saturated, then it will become the main thing in your outfit.

The combination of colors in women's clothing

Green + Brown (Beige)
A combination created by nature itself. The green foliage and shades of sand and earth will help create a wonderful natural and very harmonious image. Yellow-brown will look great with warm salad and khaki color (olive), as well as herbal and cold-blue shades. With beige, all shades of green are perfectly combined. An interesting effect is obtained if to add some green things to leopard print.


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