Models and styles of blouses

We tirelessly continue to follow the fashion, the milestones of which change so quickly that many simply can not keep track of her movements.

In this case, it is best to choose things classic, that is, those that are popular for more than one season and have long been known for their popularity. It is these criteria meet the fashion blouses of chiffon for women for the summer and autumn of 2016.

Models and styles of blouses

In this season we suggest you turn to chiffon cute little things that have long won a place in the wardrobe of any fashionista due to their lightness and airiness. They give an image of a touch of femininity and sexuality, if you choose the right accessories and other elements of the ensemble. So let’s get acquainted with the current trends in this interesting and unusual direction and consider all styles of fashionable chiffon blouses for 2017 from the world’s leading designers.

There are a lot of them in this season, so you can choose a model that will suit you perfectly and meet all the requirements. It is also worth noting that it is worth choosing a style for your figure, because ideally matched, he will emphasize all the charms of the female figure and hide the flaws.

Models and styles of blouses2

Models and styles
In 2017, blouses of chiffon straight cut remain in the trend. Stylists suggest to choose variants with ultramodern prints – for chiffon this peas are cream, brown and blue colors. This style is ideal for office dress in the summer. For example, stylists offer the following option – a brown shirt made of polka dots with a straight skirt-pencil and shoes with boats. There are other, no less relevant styles with a magnificent modern cut and decorative trim.
For the evening ensemble, we offer you to try on a fashionable black blouse from chiffon straight cut without sleeves with snow-white shorts and sandals on a wedge. This stylish image is suitable for a romantic date and for a summer party. Such an ensemble strikingly emphasizes the sexuality and femininity of the figure, attracting the views of the surrounding men.

Summer in polka dots
Style baby-dollar with its feminine and gentle ruches, frills and lace continues to win a fashion podium. Summer blouses made of chiffon did not become an exception – fashion designers came up with a huge number of styles for every occasion of life. For example, a black model with long sleeves and ruffles at the neck will be an excellent option for autumn office dresses, if you combine it with a skirt – a pencil in a cage (the brightest colors are allowed) and suede boots up to the knee.

Models and styles of blouses1
For an appointment, an elongated blouse of a gentle pink shade in black peas with ruches along the length of the neckline will perfectly suit. We suggest combining it with a black miniskirt, which must necessarily be cut by the sun. This combination makes you more gentle and romantic, what you need for your first date.
A summer chiffon blouse in polka dots with a folded collar like no other is suitable for an office ensemble at any time of the year, but this does not mean that they should be worn only so. For example, we can offer you a shirt with a collar and sleeveless sleeves – these models are perfectly combined with leather shorts and jeans of different cuts. In the photo you can choose ensembles with a blouse that will suit you.

Short and not very, with and without sleeves
Short blouses of chiffon in 2017 will become particularly relevant. It is worth looking at blouses from chiffon sleeveless for summer socks, and with a 3/4 sleeve for trips to the office. Such models can be combined with vests and jackets in a strict style.
Retro style this season got a second wind, and we offer your attention a style in the style of the 50’s. With an unusually designed top of the blouse. This is an excellent option for business meetings, especially a good and warm option for autumn and winter – a cream-colored model with long sleeves looks perfect with a pencil skirt of a pearl shade of satin.
At the peak of fashion, shirts, which in their cut are more like men’s than women’s. Batnik perfectly emphasizes the gracefulness and grace of female forms, and at the same time is practically not felt on the body. We propose to combine them with shorts in tone to the top, and complete the image with elegant high-heeled shoes.
Another innovation is a blouse with shoulder pads and elongated sleeves. Such ensembles look brave and at the same time exquisite. Special chic – carelessly deflated cuffs or slightly rolled up sleeves. It is also desirable to add all the most fashionable patterns: peas, graphics, animal prints.

Models and styles of blouses3

Fashionable prints
Finally, I want to talk about stylish and fashionable patterns in the coming season. The most fashionable prints for chiffon blouses for 2017 are peas, stripes and leopard animal pattern.
In special honor on the world’s catwalks are peas of different shapes and colors. A style can also be any. A similar print is known as an obligatory element of the image of a feminine and tender girl of 70-80s. Modern peas are distinguished by a bright form and the preservation of the aura of femininity and airiness.


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