Menswear colors combinations

“Parrot” and “boredom” – two images-extremes, which are obtained due to the inability to combine and combine different colors in clothing. It seems that solving this colorful rebus is a task that not everyone can cope with. Nothing like this!

Menswear colors combinations
While some choose boring classical shades, and others have decided: “I will be the brightest!” And flaunt in colorful outfits, we will tell you how to make bright combos correctly. Here you will find exceptionally winning combinations that do not scare away, but delight.

The correct combination of colors in clothes is on several “elephants”:
Choose the base color;
Place accents;
Take into account the overall contrast;
Pick up clothes that will not be to the person.
Choose the base color. Determine which color will be the basis of the image. Usually they are considered neutral black, gray or brown. More rarely – white and blue. They are perfectly combined with other, more vivid colors.
The special love of the stylists was gained by the medium-gray color for the fact that it is good in almost any combination. In the above tones, it is very easy to choose a suit, shirt or jacket.
We place the accents. Chose the base? It’s time to put emphasis. They add charm, dilute monotone boredom. It is important to consider the rule of three colors: this is the number of accents should be in the ideal ensemble. Remember that this limit can not be exceeded, otherwise you risk becoming a clone of a tropical bird. Do you want to create an image from fewer colors? You are welcome!

Menswear colors combinations1

The thing that is chosen for the accent must be bright, attracting attention. Lilac shawl, purple tie with ornate patterns, yellow rim of glasses – all this can be used, given the place, time and other circumstances.
We choose a combination that will be to the person. Most likely, you yourself noticed that against the background of the things of some flowers your face looks much better than when choosing others. Indeed, it is very important to be able to combine things of different shades, so that they are effectively combined. But it is much more important to select items of clothing in such a way that they favorably shade your face.

It’s good to dress – it’s not to bet on what others will notice your clothes. It’s about making you noticeable and intriguing.
If you have a swarthy skin, it is better to choose darker shades of any colors, the owners of light skin go well shades lighter. However, make sure that the color of the top does not copy the shade of the skin, otherwise the face and shirt will merge and you will look faded.

Menswear colors combinations2

To delve into the theory of contrast and not drown in it, you just have to look in the mirror at the hair and skin color and assess how much they contrast. Stylists distinguish 3 varieties of contrast: low (light skin in blond), medium (light skin with dark blond hair) and high (light skin + dark hair).
If you belong to the type of high contrast, you better wear bright things. Feel free to combine light with dark, choose clothes that in itself are distinguished by high contrast, for example, clothes in blue-and-white or in black and white stripes.

Have you determined that your contrast is low? Avoid things with the opposite contrast, otherwise the surrounding will notice them, and you will act as a background for your clothes. Therefore, the best combinations for you – it’s “bright + light,” “dark + dark,” or things of the same color, but different shades.
Average contrast gives more freedom in choosing clothes. But ideal combinations are also limited by the “medium contrast”: light colors with medium-dark and dark with medium-light.

Menswear colors combinations3

No time to find spectacular combinations? We give you a combo – the perfect combination of color trousers, shirts and shoes. In this case, it is not necessary to choose shoes for the color of trousers, and the top – necessarily one that contrasts with the bottom. Experiment! Next we found for you several examples of successful combos, which will look great on you in August:

Black shoes, dark denim trousers, light blue shirt;
Brown shoes, medium-gray trousers, black shirt;
Dark blue shoes, black trousers, gray shirt;
Gray shoes, white trousers, light pink shirt.
Experiment, take into account the rules, allocate yourself, not clothes. But most importantly – have fun, trying different combinations. Then your image will be presentable, stylish and bright. Have a nice experiment!


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