How to choose the right sweater

In the cool season, we can not do without a sweater. Probably not a person who would not have it in his wardrobe. This warm and comfortable thing saves us from the cold and, as a rule, is comfortable to wear. But in order for a sweater to become a worthy participant in your kit, you have to go to his choice wisely. How to choose the right sweater so that it will please us all the long cool months before the long-awaited summer?


Many of us are all knitted things called sweaters, although this is far from the case. There are knitted sweaters on buttons, pullovers, cardigans, jumpers, golfs, swiss shots, swingers. But they all have different appearance and are made of different materials. We are interested in knitted products without buttons and fasteners.

When purchasing sweaters, captious buyers, as a rule, carefully study the tags on which the composition of the product is described. Purely woolen things at the wear quickly roll down, and besides they are also pricked. For sensitive natures (I mean the skin) this is completely inappropriate. But they are fine with things with a mixed composition: wool with silk, wool with cotton, wool with cashmere. If the composition includes polyester, acrylic, elastane, such items are also worn very well. This is for those who do not disdain synthetic additives.

Of course, it is difficult to assume in advance for 100% how well this or that thing will be worn. None of us want the sweater to stretch out in a couple of months and lose its original look. Therefore, at the time of purchase, we first of all must evaluate its appearance and its appearance in it. Since even without looking at a beautiful composition, a poorly sitting sweater is not needed by anyone.

Knowing the features of your figure you should understand what sweaters need to be paid attention, and which ones to bypass). Consider different types of figures and models suitable for them.


If you have this type of figure, you should not choose tight-fitting long sweaters that end on the hip line. Thus, you will only emphasize the volumes and focus on the widest area.

In order to balance the figure, you should choose a sweater that does not reach the hip line, half-fitting with a voluminous collar or a throat type of a boat. The length of the sleeve can be 3/4.

You can choose a sweater, which in the upper part has either a horizontal pattern or stripes of light tones.


This type is characterized by an enlarged shoulder girdle, which should be visually narrowed, and the hip region vice versa expanded. For these purposes, sweaters with a V-shaped or oval neckline, slightly lagging behind the neck and widened in the femoral zone due to decoration or flare-fit, are suitable.

The winner will be a model with a wide cuff at the bottom of the sweater, which will expand the hip line. Also, wide horizontal bands below the chest level will work well.

For this type of figure, there are many options. Each owner of this type is allowed different models, but you should not hide your charming waist in hoodies and wide shapeless models. In this case, the choice of sweater will depend on your style and preferences.

Such a figure does not have a pronounced waist, so it’s better to choose a sweater with a belt and a length slightly below the thigh line. The neck must be framed with a small volume. Belt will create an emphasis on the waistline and change the proportions of the figure for the better. Well, if on the sides of the sweater there will be vertical inserts, which will pull the figure and narrow it.


Do not forget that the large mating and thick threads increase the volume of the figure, and therefore for full ladies such things are contraindicated.

Sweaters of thin mating should not fit tightly the figure with small fat folds on the sides. This does not add beauty, and all the irregularities are excellently distinguished through a thin canvas.

Draw patterns and patterns in accordance with the rules of proportions. If the volume in any part should be reduced-choose more muted or darker tones and verticals, if it’s necessary to enlarge we use the light palette and the horizontal. I hope you understand the principle. Now you know how to choose the right sweater.

With the onset of the cool season, warm knitted things become the main components of our kits. Choose sweaters that will decorate and enrich your image. By the way, in this season designers offer us original sweaters of different models. Fashion trends of the future autumn and winter could not leave out so necessary to all warm things.

Warm up with joy for yourself and with health benefits!


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