How to choose the perfect hat

Negative temperature and long-awaited snow ushered in the entry of winter into their rights. It’s time to think about buying a warm headdress!

Many of us do not wear a hat in principle. Either this is a short-sighted habit from childhood, or the opinion that caps do not go to us, but up to now, even in frosts, every fifth woman has walked without a headdress. And in vain! And it’s not just about preserving precious health. A hat is one of the most fashionable accessories that can give a zest to the winter image and decorate its owner. Let’s figure out how to choose the most ideal hat that will warm you in the cold, decorate your face and make the image stylish.

How to choose the perfect hat

What you need to pay attention to when choosing a headdress:

-For your face shape

-For your body constitution

-For your color of appearance

-For your style of clothes

-the composition of the material of the product

Face shape
I’m not tired of repeating that the hat is second hair. The hats that create the volume around your face look best. These can be hats of large mating, voluminous berets, fur hats-earflaps. Careful with the volumes you need to be only girls with tiny narrow faces.

How to choose the perfect hat1

If you have a round face:

-You will go asymmetrical, three-dimensional caps of large mating, hats that open the forehead and snod, thrown over the head – such models will visually make the face already;

Avoid tightly fitting short caps in a sport style.

If you have an elongated face oval:

– wear hats that cover the forehead;

– Avoid tightly fitting caps with long elements covering your ears, including hats.

If you have a face shape that is close to triangular:

– wear hats covering forehead, non-removable berets on one side;

Avoid hats in which the entire volume is concentrated from above.

If you have a face shape that is close to rectangular:

– wear hats with soft lines, voluminous, asymmetrical, you will be taken berets on one side and hats-earflaps, as well as a snuff or a cap-trumpet thrown over your head;

– Avoid short tight hats and caps with a volume from above.

How to choose the perfect hat2

Constitution of the body

If you have a large constitution, and a height of more than 172 cm, prefer more voluminous caps that will look like your proportions according to proportions.
If you have a miniature constitution, and growth is less than 160 cm, choose small headgear. In addition, in prints on the hats, I recommend sticking to a small picture, and for knitted hats – shallow and medium mating.
Coloring appearance
Everything that you carry right next to the face affects how fresh and attractive you look. I recommend choosing hats of light pastel shades – beige, cream, pink, blue – in warm tones, if you have a warm shade of hair and skin, in cold – if the skin is a cold pink shade and blonde hair.

More vivid colors, such as terracotta, crimson, sea-green, purple, will go to brunettes and girls with red hair.

And one more thing: you do not need to wear a scarf and hat of the same color – the main thing is that they are in the same style and harmonized in color.

Fashion style
Now in the trend of the caps of large mating of all kinds of shapes and colors. For us it is a jackpot, because such caps go to almost everyone and are suitable for almost any outer clothing – it is only necessary to choose the style that will suit you.

Remember that fur hats-kettles will be thrown on you for several years. In addition, it is not necessary to select a fur coat for a fur hat, but also for color – it looks strained and deprives the image of the dynamics. Therefore, if you are thinking about how to supplement your smart fur coat, stop on laconic hats of medium-sized mating, perhaps even with a fur pom-pon – it all depends on the style and length of your fur coat.

It is best to choose hats without excess decor – embroidery, appliqu├ęs, rhinestones. These hats are easier to combine with different versions of outerwear and they look stylish. Now there were knitted hats with embroidered cabochons made of natural stones on the edge of the head with a forehead – these models are closer to street style and blend well with parks, insulated jackets and a free-cut coat.

Material composition of the product
Despite the huge selection of knitted hats, most of them are made of acrylic, which, unfortunately, does not warm at all and is blown by a cold wind. However, such hats also have advantages – they do not prick their forehead and are quite inexpensive – at times, their price is less than 100 rubles. On sales.

How to choose the perfect hat3

As a rule, hats made of high-quality yarn cost from 1500 rubles. And if they are supplemented with a pom-pon made from natural fur, it is even more expensive. Nevertheless, they are worth it! These hats are warm, tender and do not lose a neat appearance for a long time.

I wish you success in choosing your ideal hat! And let your ears be warm!


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