How to choose men’s jeans

Today it will be about the most loved by many wardrobe items – jeans. Jeans are a versatile thing that you can wear for a walk, date, party and even a job on Friday, provided that Friday is a casual day in your company. Jeans are the subject of a basic wardrobe because they perfectly match with many things in your wardrobe, such as a blazer (sports jacket), sports shirt, t-shirt, cardigan, cardigan, etc.

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With what to wear jeans
Jeans should not be worn with a classic men’s shirt, as well as with a jacket from a classic business suit, I also do not recommend wearing classic jeans shoes. Jeans refer to the sports style in clothes, so in combination with them, sports shoes, a sports shirt and a sports jacket will ideally look.
Often I see another mistake that some men allow, they wear classical or direct models with high or middle waist with a shirt tucked into jeans, it looks ridiculous, because the figure looks disproportionate. If you wear jeans with a tucked shirt, then they should be with a low waist. However, the lower the waist on the jeans, the shorter legs appear, remember this, when choosing a landing of jeans, consider the proportions of your figure.

Recently, it’s fashionable to wear jeans tucked up so that you can see the socks slightly. This method of socks is not always for everyone, because the pants tucked up, visually shorten the legs, so if you have low growth, do not recommend chasing after fashion, it is better to look a bit conservative than “fashion victim.” There are a lot of jeans: buggies, Bootcut, straight, classic, narrowed, skinny, etc. I propose a detailed analysis starting with a story about the most relevant models of this season.

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Models of jeans

Straight or classic jeans
Classics are always in fashion, some classic or straight jeans are dark blue – this is MUST HAVE in your wardrobe. Such jeans should fit tightly around the waist, the length of the classic model reaches the middle of the back of the shoes, in front of the jeans a small “accordion” is formed. Classical jeans can be slightly narrowed downwards, straight jeans, as the name implies, have a straight cut. Such models are universal and suitable for any type of figure and almost for any occasion of life. These models are perfectly combined with loffers, desert or moccasins.

This is a little flared from the knee jeans, the length of them reaches the heel of the shoe and in front as if cutting them. This model well corrects such a shortage of the male figure, like wide hips.

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Narrowed or skinny
There are several degrees of “skinny” jeans, skinniest of them the most narrow. Such models repeat the shape of the leg, covering the hips, and below can be shortened or tucked. These jeans are worn with moccasins, sneakers or espadrilles. To my taste, they are good for girls or teenagers, personally I’m more impressed by more conservative models, or jeans with a little “skinny”. But if you like tight jeans, and you feel comfortable in them, then why not. Just remember that the skinny jeans are on thin legs, visually make the leg even thinner.

As I already wrote above, in your wardrobe there must be at least one jeans of classic dark blue color. Also relevant jeans are black, gray, blue and white. This season the collections also feature beige, green, yellow and jeans with prints.


Jeans are sewn from a strong cotton fabric with a diagonal weave of threads (denim or twill). If the fabric consists of 100% cotton, then such models can shrink after the first wash. I prefer stretch fabric, this fabric consists of cotton with an elastane supplement (2 – 5%), in this case, the jeans stretch slightly and sit better on the hips and buttocks, and also stretch out less on the knees. Jeans stretch a little stretch in the process of socks, so take models that will sit pretty tightly on the hips, but at the same time so that you can sit in them. Consider these features of the fabric when choosing jeans. A good jeans fabric should be slightly velvety to the touch.

In my opinion, you should not choose jeans with an abundance of decorative details, such as excessive scrapes, holes, bright prints, bright embroidery or applique, all this is better left for the younger generation. If you want to look solid, then choose more conservative options.

How to choose jeans
Now in the shops quite a rich selection of brands, models, colors and sizes.
First you need to decide on the model and color of the jeans you want to buy. Then we look at the quality of the fabric of the proposed models, pay attention to the quality of the fittings, finishes, seams and pockets. Pay attention, that on jeans there were not too many allocated decorative details is not our variant.

After choosing the appropriate model of jeans, ask the seller – consultant to bring you the right size. The size of the jeans is determined by the volume of the waist (W) and the length of the legs (L). Before you go to the store to choose jeans, do not forget to see the size of the jeans in your wardrobe or take the measurements yourself. In the article on the types of men’s trousers, we talked about how to take measurements and give tables of sizes.

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As for the cost of jeans, here I am for democracy and I will not offer you expensive brands. I believe that good jeans can be found in inexpensive brands. The widest choice of models for designers who specialize in denim: Levi’s, DIESEL, Wrangler, Gant. Good classic men’s jeans can be purchased at Hugo Boss, ARMANI JEANS.

I do not have problems with the choice of jeans, once upon a time I noticed for myself a couple of brands that sit well on me and now buy jeans only of these brands, which is what I wish for you. If you like jeans of a brand, you are satisfied with the way they sit on you, material and prices, then first of all, go shopping with this brand. If you have not found your pets yet, you’ll have to work hard, it’s really not so easy to find the perfect pair of jeans that will be pleasant to wear, and jeans are such a thing that are worn quite often, so they should like you. Do not make impulse purchases, I’m for trying to think after the fitting. If you liked jeans, do not immediately buy them, take a break, at least drink coffee in a cafe, and it’s best to make a purchase the next day, if you want.


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