How to choose a fur coat from natural mink fur, sable, fox

Sable fur coats are popular. Products of fur fox and fox are also popular and popular. Over the past 80 years, they have greatly strengthened their positions, they have been used in Hollywood films, from where the fashion for the use of fur coats in an everyday wardrobe emerged. For the production of collars of coats and other types of outerwear, the fur of astrakhan fur was used, but today there are whole fur coats made of this fur. The advantage of clothes from astrakhan is accessibility. No less common are fur coats made using skunk fur. Such material is popular in the USA. The skunk fur is combined with the ermine fur. As a result, you get clothes of beautiful bright shades, which are appreciated by connoisseurs of fur garments. Contrary to popular belief, clothes made from natural fur appeared long ago. In the Middle Ages, fur was used to make clothes, because it was easier to catch wild animals then. Fur coats, waistcoats and fur jackets, like coats, saved owners from severe frosts and warmed them.


Advantages of fur coats from natural fur

What are the advantages of fur coats from natural fur? I will allocate the following: heat-insulating properties; Wear resistance; Relevance in spite of the variability of fashion.

Thermal insulation properties

Fur coat from natural fur – clothes for the cold season. Cold weather, wind, low temperature and precipitation – this is what not every model of outer clothing does. However, the fur coat provides the owner with maximum heat and comfort.

Wear resistance

Depending on the material, fur coats serve up to 20-30 seasons, which is considered a high index. The natural fur does not lend itself to deformation, so do not worry that it will become entangled or lump. Even after mechanical action, fur returns to its original position, so that clothes look neat.


A fur coat is an element of a winter wardrobe, an indicator of taste and material prosperity. In addition, the assortment allows everyone to choose a model that meets the wishes and preferences.

How to choose a fur coat from natural fur?

To buy a fur coat from natural fur is not easy. This is due to the large number of counterfeits that are supplied to the market under the guise of natural fur clothing. It is not for everyone to distinguish real fur from artificial fur, therefore, it is competently and responsibly to the purchase procedure.

Step 1. Choosing a fur

When choosing, be guided not only by the appearance. Think about the purposes for which it is purchased. Contrary to the assurances of sellers, sometimes even a high-quality looking fur coat loses its appearance and properties in 2-3 seasons. This applies to products made from rabbit fur, squirrels, chipmunk. Better indicators in this issue are the Arctic fox and scribble. They will last for 5-6 seasons. The ideal option for a purchase is considered a mink coat, which, with proper care, is carried by 10 seasons. The most durable clothes made of fur are sable and otter. Such things are wear-resistant and serve up to 20 seasons.


Step 2. Evaluation of the quality of fur

You can evaluate the quality of fur in three ways: the speed of returning the hairs to their original position after stroking; Presence of a gun; strength. To determine the quality of the fur, stroke your hand sideways and notice how quickly it returns to its original state. If, after smoothing, does not return to its original position, but is worthwhile – skirt such a coat, as this indicates a low quality of the product. Next, pay attention to the presence of a gun that covers the surface of the skin. Fur coats from natural fur have fluff, so if the store did not manage to consider it, give up the chosen model. If the selected model has passed these tests, go to the third, which provides for strength testing. To do this, shake the fur, and then pull the hairs by hand. If the fur remains in the hands after the procedure – the product does not meet the quality standards or is made not of natural, but of artificial material. Even if the material from which it is made is natural, because of the low strength that results from the wrong production technology, such a fur coat will lose its original appearance.

Step 3. Seam quality

Seams are a factor that influences the quality of the product. Pay attention to the presence of a non-sewn piece of the gasket, which is retained by the manufacturers, so that buyers independently check the quality of the seams. If a piece of gasket is not found – this is an occasion to think about whether to buy clothes. Pay attention to the presence of loose threads on the seams. This indicates a low quality of seams and poor strength. Seams should be strong and reliable, so that the product was worn for a long time, and not needed to be repaired.

Step 4. Color of the fur coat

The choice of fashionable colors is an individual question and I recommend starting from my own preferences or wishes. However, choosing a fur coat, make sure that the fur is not painted. Painted fur does not always indicate a low quality. Ask the seller why they painted it. Some manufacturers paint to hide defects. Though, fur of some animals, for example, wild nutria, has unattractive color, therefore all fur coats from it are painted. Fur is painted to get a one-color product. Today it is fashionable and manufacturers paint products using modern technologies. However, the quality does not decrease, which is very important for the fur product.


Step 5. Trying on

Buying a fur coat without first trying it on is a gross mistake! Carry out the fitting, and try not to make any typical mistakes. Do not listen to the praise of the sellers. They will tell you how beautiful you look. This is a standard move that helps the buyer feel confident and eliminate doubts. Take into account only your own opinion and look at every detail. During fitting, do not stand in one place in front of the mirror. I recommend to walk for a few minutes. This will allow you to look at yourself in motion, assess the degree of comfort, make sure that the fur coat sits and does not cause unpleasant sensations. The size should match the size of the buyer’s clothes, otherwise the product will lose positive qualities during the wearing process.

How to distinguish a natural fur coat from a fake?

Each buyer wants to be sure that the quality of the purchased products corresponds to the cost and will meet expectations. So remember how to distinguish natural fur coats from fakes. Learn to distinguish between animal furs. The popular scheme of deception is reduced to the fact that a fur coat made from cheap furs is issued for mink or sable. The fur of the mink is easy to distinguish by the hanging hair, which is hard. Pay attention to the length of the hair. In different animals it is different. This is a reliable guide. Fur beaver is fluffy. Do not confuse with the nutria, which is often given out for him. Consider color. Fur fur is tricolor and this is noticeable on every hair. When choosing a product, pay attention to the smell. In natural products, it is characteristic. If you feel a sharp or unpleasant smell during the fitting, seriously consider the quality of the clothes.

Care for fur coats

Many wrongly look after fur coats. As a result, after several seasons, they see that the favorite element of the winter wardrobe is not as beautiful as it used to be. To keep the product intact, remember the rules: proper storage; Correct use; Regular care. Storage Identify a suitable storage location. I advise you to store it in the closet. Make sure that the fur does not come into contact with other clothes. This will keep it in good condition and prevent unpleasant consequences. Store in a plastic bag designed for such clothing. This isolates the fur coat from other clothes and saves it from moths.

For storage use hangers with wide shoulders. If you use narrow hangers – the fur coat will change shape, because the long period of time that it will be on the hanger, affects the condition of the product. It is important that during storage the fur coat hangs freely, and air circulates around. There are special refrigerators for clothes, where the temperature regime and optimal conditions are maintained. This option is suitable for those who wish that the product is not threatened.

After storage, at the onset of cold weather, before the beginning of the winter season, inspect the fur coat. I recommend airing the product for several hours and shaking to remove dust. If the fur is stuck or got the wrong shape, comb it using a metal comb. After storage, fur is often polluted, and in that case I advise giving the fur coat to the dry cleaners where these clothes are washed. After rain or snow, dry the coat at room temperature. Do not use batteries or heaters for drying.


Using fur coats, discard bags. Wearing a bag on the shoulder affects the condition of the fur, and the place on which the bag is placed will grow bald. To avoid spoilage, gently use perfume. Another rule – the more clothes worn, the longer it preserves the original appearance. Fur is a material that grows old without the influence of low temperature and precipitation. Wear a fur coat more often. Snow or ice brush off. This will keep the disposition of the villi and shape.



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