Choose a woman’s warm jacket

Winter is just around the corner, so it is now time to prepare warm clothes. Most women immediately wonder which jacket is best to buy. Let’s compare the fluff and sintepon.
In practice, it has been proven that the down jacket is warmer, so it is suitable for people who live in very cold areas or simply very cold. Pooh is more expensive than sintepon, so for the sake of warmth and your health you will have to use up.

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The only, but very important drawback of the down jacket: it can not be washed, since the fluff will begin to get out through the fabric, and accordingly, over time the look of your clothes will be “not very”. The down jacket needs to be cleaned, and then lightly and neatly, but it is better to put it in dry cleaning. The jackets on the sintepon are easier to handle, since they can be washed with both hands and in a typewriter. Unlike fluff, sintepon does not absorb moisture and retain its shape well. They cost a little less than down jackets. Buying a synthetic jacket, feel the thickness of the sintepon itself, it can be double, or even triple.

I must say that the sintepon is also different. Glued sintepon – the cheapest option – is when the fiber binds to each other with some kind of adhesive. We would not wash you a sintepon jacket: you can lose your form. But, if the jacket is filled with thermo-bonded or needle-punched sintepon, then in the washing machine it does not collapse and will not fail. Sintepon dries quickly. Dry this jacket is necessary, having spread it on the surface. Iron on a pair or strongly hot iron sintepon jacket can not.

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And yet all over the world down jacket is the most popular winter clothing. All kinds of down jackets can be seen on the streets of the city and at ski resorts.

Such jackets keep the heat well, thanks to a natural substance – fluff. In general, duck, goose, swan and eiderdown are used for jackets. Clean fluff in the jacket is an expensive pleasure. Often, a feather is added to the down in a percentage ratio of 75 to 25. On such down jackets you will see the inscription “feather”. In a quality feather down feather should not be more than 25%. If the down in the product contains less than 40%, then this is an autumn down jacket.

Fuzz has many advantages over others, for example, synthetic materials. Women’s down jackets are durable and can last more than twenty years. Famous for their thermal insulation properties, they are an excellent alternative to sheepskins and fur coats. Those who do not like pomposity, and accustomed to ease – down jacket is the best option.

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But now the market is very popular jackets from holofiber, a material consisting of many spiral polyester fibers. It is thanks to these hollow fibers, in which air is retained, the filler provides high thermal insulation and keeps the shape well. In addition, holofiber is an environmentally friendly material, it is hygroscopic (does not absorb moisture) and is non-toxic. Jackets with holofiber cheaper than down jackets, but the comfort in them is not less.

Another heater of the last generation is the shelter. Plus excellent thermal insulation, ecological cleanliness and good air permeability. Having a uniform structure, this material is well draped. Shelter is also used as a filler for winter hats.

Another popular heat insulation material is isosoft. Providing high thermal insulation and having a low weight, issoSoft consists of many fine fibers. Its unique structure allows you to connect isosoft with other heaters and fabrics, while increasing the life of the product and reducing wear. Clothes with isosoft you can wear at temperatures – from +5 to -40 degrees. Isosoft does not lose its properties after numerous washings and quickly restores the shape after a crumpled or collapsed condition. It dries very quickly and does not require dry cleaning. Isosoft is hypoallergenic, and its volume is 5 times less than sintepon.

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Recently, other modern fillers have also been in high demand: holophane, sintepon, tensulite, thermalmail and wavem. All these materials also have high thermal insulation and environmental performance.

Another important point that should not be missed is the choice of not the filler for the jacket, but the fabric from which it will be sewn. Basically, almost all jackets are made of polyamide or nylon, with the addition of cotton and then not always.

The best and most modern version of jacket winter fabric is a “membrane”. These jackets are also made on the basis of nylon, but with a special technology. Such a thing will allow your body to breathe, removing sweat, and also protect it from snow, wind, and, of course, cold. Very often, these jackets have no filler at all, because the fabric itself keeps the heat perfectly. The fact that the jacket on a membrane basis, you will tell the label. In branded and quality things, they are always there. If there is no tag on your jacket, you should think about that dubious membrane basis that you are trying to sell.


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