Business (office) girls clothes style

Style in clothes is a visiting card of any self-respecting girl. With his help, she can tell the world about herself, her preferences and hobbies. We are all different and dress differently too. The overall only one is the style of clothing in the workplace. In overwhelming majority it is business style.
On whether the girl knows its fundamentals, how it wisely uses it, depends on her further career and the attitude of her colleagues at work.

Business (office) girls clothes style

Back in the 19th century, such a concept as “business women’s style” did not exist in nature. At that time, the girls did not aspire to emancipation, they did not occupy significant posts, so the clothes they wore were extremely feminine. Crinolines, numerous ruffles, flounces, curls and curls – these are the main elements of the style for women of the 19th century. And if someone allowed himself to wear clothes similar in cut to men’s, those were necessarily ridiculed in the satires of local tabloid newspapers.
Echoing these fundamental changes, models of business clothes for women began to be developed. From this moment, we can assume that the women’s business style has become fashionable and has become a universal tool for positioning oneself as a professional.


At the moment, the business style of clothes for girls can be divided into three groups:
Classic office style. He is the most conservative of all and means a trouser kit or a skirt with a dark-colored jacket, a white shirt or blouse, and low-heeled shoes. It is often used as a dress code in large companies.
Casual business style. More freely than the previous one, it is possible to diversify styles, mix colors in clothes, add various accessories. This option is most common in the normal business environment.
“Friday” business style. According to him on Friday you can make allowances in the strictness of clothes and even come to work in classic jeans in combination with a jacket, provided that on this day there will be no official business meetings.

Business (office) girls clothes style1

Any element of clothing of this style should be neutral both in color and style. This position is based on the fact that, first of all, clothes do not distract from work, but emphasize the professionalism of a person.
Clothing should be inscribed in the canons of the classics, having the same unshakable core. Fashion is changeable and fickle, but the classic remains forever.
The quality of fabrics, accessories for tailoring clothes in business style should be high. The use of cheap, low-quality cloth in business suits is unacceptable.
Professionalism has no gender, and therefore in business clothes for girls there is no place for debauchery, open sexuality, deep decollete and large cuts on the skirt.
The image must be elegant, unobtrusive.

The requirements for the shape of business clothes are, first of all, the simplicity of cut. The jacket should be a straight or slightly narrowed silhouette up to the middle of the thigh and below. The buttons on it should be of medium size and always in the tone of the jacket. The skirt is also straight or slightly narrower down. Its length should not be above the level of the palm of the knees. Pants straight, sitting at the waist. Overstating or understating the waist is considered a freedom of interpretation of the business style.
As for the dress, the dress-case will be an ideal win-win option. Blouses and shirts must necessarily have at least a small sleeve, open shoulders on business etiquette in clothing are excluded.

Business (office) girls clothes style2

Color in business style clothing is one of the dominant attributes, putting off the imprint on the style as a whole. Classical colors are black, brown, gray, blue. They can be supplemented with pastel shades of different colors. In the warm season, light-colored suits are allowed – beige, caramel, white. The main thing is that all shades and colors are not screaming, active. In addition, no more than three colors can be used in a single image.
The fabric pattern should also be neutral. Well fits the Christmas tree, thin stripes, cage. Leopard prints, bright floral patterns are also unacceptable in everyday business style.

Business clothing should be made of high-quality, expensive fabrics. They provide an ideal fit to the figure, do not wrinkle and almost do not crumple. Sewing clothes should be ideal, all elements are processed so that the threads do not hang, pockets should not stick out or break away. Materials are better to choose natural: cotton, linen, high-quality silk. The higher the post occupied, the more expensive and better the outfit should be.

Business (office) girls clothes style3

To decorate the image of a business girl, it is allowed to use various accessories, such as a stylish scarf, a refined scarf, various ornaments. The main thing is not to overdo it with their quantity. For example, jewelry, according to etiquette, should not be more than three pieces, including the engagement ring used for their manufacture material – silver, gold or pearls.


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