About Valentino


An artist by vocation, he was almost forty years to a number of invented outfits, like the doomed people of fine taste. In 2008, the “Sheikh of chic” retired, but Valentino brand continues to set the tone in the world of high fashion.

1932 Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani (Valentino Garavani) was born in Italy in a small town of Voghera Lombard. C childhood boy helps dressmaker friend and a teenager seriously interested brim clothes. Parents do not prevent it, though worried that his son likes “only the most expensive things.”

1949-1959 After studying design at the Academy of Arts in Milan, Valentino went to Paris to study at the School of Fine Arts and the Chamber of High Fashion, the most prestigious specialized educational institutions of the time. A gifted student gets a job with Jean Dessaix, participate in the competition by the International Wool Secretariat for and – receives the first prize, as in his time, Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld. From novice designer willingly cooperates Guy Laroche, Valentino but he dreams after graduation internship at the Cristobal Balenciaga. However, the master rejects his candidacy.

1960 Valentino returns to Rome and opens onto the Via Condotti own studio. After reaching the screen drama “Sweet Life” by Federico Fellini, Italian carolers bohemia, circle Valentino customers expanded significantly. The designer presents his first collection femininity: form-fitting silhouettes, long skirts, luxurious evening dresses. “I do not think any man would want to meet with a woman who looks like a boy.”

1962 Acquainted with Giancarlo Giametti (Giancarlo Giametti), the future CEO of fashion house Valentino, designer willing to trust him all the business issues and focuses on creativity. Glory not long in coming: Valentino triumphant debut at the international show in Florence Palazzo Pitti. Press in unison chants rising star, buyers showered master orders.

Atelier 1967 turns into a respectable house. Valentino dress such style icons as Jacqueline de Ribe (Jacqueline de Ribes) and Babe Paley (Babe Paley), Maestro brings seasonal fashion shows from Florence to Rome received in Dallas Award Neiman Marcus (Neiman Marcus Award), one of the most prestigious in the industry .

1968 For the first time in the modern history of fashion, Valentino logo uses as a decorative element. After the presentation of the White Collection – Collezione Bianca Monogrammed V – for journalistic designer fastened capacious definition of “chic sheikh.” Leading magazines one by one published photo lace wedding dress of Jacqueline Kennedy, in which she married Aristotle Onassis

1969-1972 Valentino is the first Italian designer to launch a line of ready-to-wear; new boutiques opening in Milan and Rome. Things from Valentino are transformed into symbols of luxurious living of its enthusiastic customers – movie stars and royals. This master tirelessly explores new design: developing not only the clothes and accessories, but also tile, wallpaper, textiles and furniture.

1975 Valentino starts regularly take part in Paris Fashion Week, creating for each season showing from 60 to 80 new models. The designer considers it beneath his dignity to invite to the catwalk famous actresses or top models. His philosophy: the audience should enjoy the clothes and the clothes only. His artistic principle: the most lightweight cut dresses, in which a woman feels comfortable, as if “in your favorite nightgown.”

1978-1985 House signed a series of licensing agreements, one after the other in the United States and Japan are beginning to open up the brand boutiques. Try yourself in the perfumes, Valentino designs uniforms for the Italian Olympians leaving for Los Angeles, and is rewarded with one of the highest honors of his country – the Order “For Merit of the Italian Republic”.

1988 Headquarters House perezzhaet in luxurious palazzo Minyanelli sixteenth century Roman Spain Square. The interiors are decorated with huge mirrors, antique furniture and hundreds of mannequins dressed in a carefully restored costumes of the past centuries.

1990-1991 In order to support young talents under the auspices of the House of open fashion academy. On the anniversary of the beginning of the career grand masters organized fashion shows and exhibition ‘Valentino: 30 years of magic “- first in Rome and then in New York. Revenues are listed on the construction of the Center for Social Protection of AIDS patients. Designer suits three-day party for friends, which today would cost 3 million euros. Guests recruited more than a thousand.

1998 – 2002 Valentino and Giametti sell their holding company Partecipazioni Industriali, the value of the transaction – 248 million euros. After three years at the brand new owner – multibrand group Marzotto Apparel. Between these events celebrated the 40th anniversary of the House of Valentino, marked by a grand display of The Red Book of Valentino, where all models were dressed in red dress with logo V.

2003 – 2005 Valentino in fine form: smart, tanned and vigorous. brand owners do not interfere in the activities of the House, and the designer still plays first violin in it. The main projects of the time: the launch line Valentino Timeless watches and Valentino R.E.D, the development of products for Home Collection house in collaboration with the Italian producers and the launch of a line of wedding dresses finished with Spanish designers.

2006 Valentino awarded the title of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. Awards are given personally, French President Jacques Chirac.

2008 will present another collection in 2007 ready-to-wear, Valentino announced that he was leaving the house. His latest catwalk close fashion week in Paris. At the farewell party in Rome, he announces the name of his successor – a young talented Alecsandry Facchinetti (Alessandra Facchinetti), already proven as Gucci designer.

P.S. Master differing thirty shades of red, he left the throne of the king of fashion, realizing that he had done for her all he could – from Jackie Onassis wedding dress to wedding dress J. Lo. After so many years spent among the dandies and ladies, the maestro chose to pass the old age in the company of their favorite pugs.