About P.Cardin

Pierre Cardin

First Futurist by fashion designer Pierre Cardin was born on July 2, 1922 in the Italian town of San Biagio di Callalta, not far from Venice, in a family of winemakers. About his family and school years, he almost never spoke, so the first details about the life of the Parisian couturiers associated with the beginning of the forties, when he left Italy for the sake of study.

By the end of the war, he moved to Paris, where he began to take the first steps in fashion. At first, his teachers were women: Cardin worked in the studio of Joan Paken and Elsa Schiaparelli, who have learned to accept clothing as the canvas of the artist and not be afraid of unusual moves. Then he met with Jean Cocteau and Christian Berard, thanks to the patronage which received its first major order: Pierre suggested the creation of costumes and masks for the film “Beauty and the Beast.”

After just a year, he left all his studies in order to work at Christian Dior. At the maestro, he spent four years, having gained experience in the design of clothes, and then decided to start his own business. In 1950, it appears the brand Pierre Cardin. The first designer studio was located on a small street in the first arrondissement of Paris, between the Grands Boulevards and the Rue Saint-Honore – very soon next door will open their first boutique legendary colleagues Cardin.

The first years of the designer was engaged exclusively in the creation of costumes for the theater, but after a little time, in 1953, presented his first women’s collection. Even then, Cardin began to use unusual synthetic materials, as well as coverage on their displays using the moonlight. Very soon, the designer presented a “dress-ball”, and the silhouette, which was no less renowned than diorovsky new look, still cite without exception. Just one year Cardin’s name began to learn all over the world, and on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the prestigious eighth arrondissement of Paris, he opened a boutique called «Eve».

After three years, securing his reputation, he decided on a bold move and took the men’s clothes, although in those days, fashion was considered the prerogative of women. The designer opened a shop called «Adam», he was one of the first to offer men ironic clothes all colors of the rainbow, which now seems to be something taken for granted.

At the same time the designer is first dispatched to Japan, where he learned about new technologies in the clothing business, and returning from there, he accepts the offer designer Bunka Fukosa college and begins to lead a three-dimensional garment design courses. The next decade was a series of endless Cardin design awards, which he handed around the world. The result was the first women’s collection ready-to-wear, which he presented in a Paris department store Printemps. Since it began the warm relationship between the designer and the iconic magazine, his work has always granted a special place in the colorful dome on Boulevard Haussmann, and more recently there have opened a pop-up Side, devoted to the heritage of Cardin. Despite this, he was expelled from the Syndicate of High Fashion for “flirting with the street.” However, the status of the couturier designer returned very quickly.

In those years, he managed to run a children’s line, open a few new stores, to hold a solo exhibition for the first time to give his name for the collection of porcelain tableware one major producer. By the mid-eighties Cardin holds its first shows in Beijing and Shanghai, marks the thirtieth anniversary of the creative activity of a large-scale exhibition at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as opening new shops and offices around the world, from China to Bulgaria. Then he decides to try his hand in business: the designer acquires stake in the legendary Parisian restaurant, Maxim’s, where since then spends his presentation.

Summer of 1991, Cardin suits a grand show in Moscow – Red Square were about two hundred thousand people. Gradually Cardin became increasingly accept offers that are far from fashion: he worked on the design of sanitary ware, furniture and car seats, let the champagne and toys, opened new restaurants in Budapest and Rio de Janeiro, even undertook its own hotel in California. Then he faced accusations of wanting to put his name to all that is possible, from the vehicle and ending with a meal. Despite this, his achievements as a fashion designer emphasized almost daily: the Victoria and Albert Museum of London arranged an exhibition in honor of the fortieth anniversary of the women’s line Pierre Cardin and thirties – men (which then went on the “tour” around the world), the designer presented to Order Legion of Honor, awarded the highest Japanese award – a gold and a silver star, and then completely chosen honorary UNESCO ambassador. The new status of the proposed travel around the world, so Cardin starts to move from country to country, simultaneously opening its new stores, and met with Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela.

During breaks, he produces several flavors, the restaurant offers one after another, and was invited to design a new car Toyota Rav 4 – futuristic design Cardin was in demand not only in fashion. In the mid-nineties, a former fashion designer decides to suspend the work of your own home. However, two years ago, he announced the revival of Pierre Cardin and returned to Paris Fashion Week with a collection of ready-to-wear.

In 2010, the famous publishing house Assouline is dedicated to Pierre Cardin 200-page book, which is a collection of his best works – “60 years of Innovation».